About Us

We are a small, family business out of beautiful Thousand Oaks, California. Couple of years ago we started researching “healthy” nutrition bars that were available locally and on-line. Our purpose was to come up with great tasting, organic, vegan nutrition bars that were naturally nutritionally balanced, made of wholesome certified organic ingredients, without any added sugars, gluten free, non-GMO and free of grains and common allergens.

We identified several major issues with the nutrition bars we reviewed:

1.       Unpleasant aftertaste due to less expensive “fillers” like oats, soy, gum, etc.

2.       Added sugars: syrup, nectar, honey, cane and other sugars, etc.

3.       Unnatural, unbalanced levels of fibers and protein.

4.       Presence of “bad” fats and low level of “good” fats.

5.       Salt content

We solved these issues by creating three flavors of ZuZu Bars: snacks that taste great and are good for you. Our bars are hand made in small batches and delivered fresh in beautifully designed boxes.